Thursday, December 4, 2008

Criticizing Those Who Criticize

Countless hours of meticulous research in varied outlets of Mormon socializing have shown that they have a marked tendency to eschew those who judge others, a predilection that is usually voiced in the most stringent tones possible.

“You know what I really hate?” queried Pioneer Forks resident and local Primary teacher Charmaine LaValle Christensen. “All those horrible people who hate others. It’s like they don’t even understand that we’re supposed to improve ourselves instead of tearing others down. People like that just make me so sick.”

Similar sentiments were overheard in a recent Gospel Doctrine class held in the Superior Humility Ward. After teacher Donald LaRue pontificated on the scriptures’ condemnation of those who indulge in gossiping and other such vocal vices, he opened the floor to comments from those who wished to join him in condemning such unfortunate apostates. There was a hearty response.

“The thing all those negative people need to learn,” opined a local priesthood leader, “is that they need to be more tolerant of others, and not be so quick to crucify them. Metaphorically, I mean. I guess literally, too.”

“Anyone who labels others is just a hypocrite,” added another faithful church member. “Also, anyone who thinks it’s funny to make fun of other church members. I hope all those uncharitable jerks just go straight to Outer Darkness.”

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kris hendricks said...

I don't know if my brain can process that much Irony at once.