Monday, December 15, 2008

Mormons Like Blogging About Stuff Mormons Like, Apparently

Google "stuff white people like" and you'll get the single fountain from which all these knock offs spring. Google "stuff asian people like" and you'll similarly get hits and references to only one main site. In fact, insert the ethnicity or cultural indicator of your choice in that phrase, and the results will cluster around a lone pioneer of documenting the quirks of that category.

But not Mormons. A quick search for "stuff Mormons like" brings up several different blogs, including this one. This shows the alert reader several important things about Mormons: they're perfectly comfortable borrowing ideas from the mainstream, exploiting them for their own purposes and profit, and happy to run a joke into the ground long after it's been drained of all blood by others.

Does the fact that others--many others--have already compiled lists of things that Mormons like dissuade any eager LDS bloggers from proffering their own assortment of wry observations? Will the humorous superiority of one such collection over another factor into which blogs will become the most frequently read? Heavens to Betsy, no. Just as surely as Utah is full of people who still think that "Mormon Rap" is seriously cutting edge satire, fifty years from now the Internet will sprout dozens of new blogs that all start with, "You know what Mormons like? Scrapbooking and funeral potatoes!"

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