Sunday, March 8, 2009


From the Wikipedia entry for Bunco: "It is especially popular among Mormon women, presumably because it is complete chance and therefore less insidious as a form of gambling."

Yes, them Mormon gals sure do love them some Bunco. For those looking to understand this sub-cultural phenomenon, Bunco is a dice game where rolling certain totals earns players their share of a community pot, which may be gifts rather than actual cash. It's become popular as an activity for LDS women who want to enjoy the thrill of excluding other women from their Bunco group as well as gossipping about those other women after they've been so excluded.

Refreshments may also be served.

Remember when you were a punk kid and you enjoyed shaking up an ant farm to see them get all angry? Try suggesting to a Mormon woman that Bunco is gambling and you'll get essentially the same response.

You'll also see firsthand something else that Mormons like: rationalizing.

"No! Bunco is NOT gambling! Everybody gets something! It's, it's...all in good fun! Uh....we don't use face cards!"

Ah, yes, the demure confidence of the innocent. In some parts of the world (cough, cough, Utah, cough), Bunco has even been used as a Relief Society activity, which seems far more productive than something as pointless as, say, making emergency kits or studying the gospel or going to the temple or other silly stuff like that.

After such a rousing evening of NOT gambling, a typical Mormon woman returns home, refreshed, ready to excoriate her husband for watching sports on Sunday.


Steve said...

Now this post, this is truly funny. Why you ask? Well, no one obsesses over this blog more than I do. After this post, we lost one of our public followers. Such, I suppose, is the manic devotion to the force known as...


Good job Huston.

wannabee free said...

I tried it once. I truly couldn't figure out what all the rage was about. Guess I'm not a 'real' mormom woman.

Anonymous said...

I've gone to a church activity centered on bunco! This is so true!

grace52775 said...
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