Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Saying that Mormon women love Twilight is akin to saying the sun will rise tomorrow. The only caveat is that Mormon women would want to see the sun rise on their sparkly diamond-skinned vampire lover boy Edward.

The Twilight books provide several outlets for Mormon women. For tweens and teenaged Mormon females, Edward represents the apex of Mormon manhood. He is ridiculously good-looking, chiseled, smart, and resists all of his love Bella’s pre-marital sexual advances. For middle aged Mormon women, he represents all of those same characteristics absent in their husbands, although they have now become the ones resisting their husbands’ post-marital sexual advances.

There is a certain, less quantifiable subset of Mormon women who more closely identify with Jacob, a hot-blooded werewolf who is part of the central love triangle that exists through most of the Twilight books. Members of “Team Jacob” (who can be identified by a shirt with that iron on patch purchased in conjunction with the Special Edition of Eclipse) like his wild and reckless abandon, and fantasize about finding a wild “Jack Mormon” boyfriend that has that certain “Jacob” charm, that they can tame and then possibly dump as soon as he is 8 months into his mission.

Note that many Mormon men have also read Twilight. While they will say that they did it to be sounding boards for their wives or “To see what all the fuss was about”, most of these men enjoyed it, but will never, ever admit to it publicly. You will notice them, however, in the corners of a room, nodding knowingly as their wives debate the minutiae of important plot points of the books.

It should further be noted that in Relief Society reading clubs, it is considered poor taste to choose the Twilight books as the book of the month, as all Mormon women aged 11 to 60 are already expected to have read it.


CMalone said...

Amen, brother! Amen! I never in a million years thought I'd be a Twilight Mormon Housewife. (Although I stay at home very little these days.) I resisted the books for as long as possible, then curiosity smacked me upside the head and I indulged.

I've written a few posts about the phenomenon of Twilight, read all 4 books three times, the first 7 times and I'm the first one on my block to have the Twilight Movie Guide. (I pre-ordered.) I also pre-ordered the sound track, but it hasn't shipped yet.

You're right on the money about us Mormon women being in love with Twilight. Great post!

Mollie said...

This is hilarious. Although, I do have to admit that I'm not one of the Mormon women that LOVED the series. I barely made it through the first book, and then tried to make myself get into the second (I mainly got started reading the series to be "cool" with my young women) ;) I got to about page 30 of the second one, and I just couldn't do it. The fact that she was so in love with Edward and not scared of him but scared of "losing him", made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. I ended up having one of my YW tell me all about it which I have to admit, I was glad that I didn't waste my time finding out that she ends up prego with a vampire baby or something like that.... I definitely used my time to focus on the needs of the community (hah - right). No, but I am happy that so many people find these books so interesting/entertaining. It was definitely a big hit with the YW, and ALL the talk at our activities and trips! It definitely brought the group together. Who ever thought: Vampires + wednesday night activities = togetherness. :)