Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letters to the Editor, revisited

The following is submitted as an example of a letter full of righteous indignation. This letter was sent to the Daily Universe, BYU's student paper, 11/18.

We, the students of BYU and members of the Church, face ever growing persecution in the world. Indeed, it would seem that of late the tide has turned, and world opinion is finally firmly turned against us.

Well, there is another threat that has emerged, one so insidious, it is sure to rock the foundation of our beloved church to its core. This menace is a new web site that two hateful individuals have created. I am loathe to even mention its name, but for the sake of knowing who to boycott I will reveal that the site is


These snide observers are content to comment on the foibles and peculiarities of Latter Day Saints. Haven’t we suffered enough? Their intimate knowledge of Mormon culture suggests that these are heretical lunatics, or disgruntled, excommunicated, ex members of our beloved institution.

Please, visit their website, and tell them that we will not tolerate them revealing our deepest secrets! Just think of the mayhem they could cause.

Steve Hendricks
Las Vegas


Athos said...

Funny. As I read, I'm thinking... "This is Steve." Sure enough.

Mollie said...

nice way to promote the site Steve!! Very funny! I actually believed that some "cougar" wrote this though - I guess I am still scarred by some of the comments made in classes, so your writing is pretty darn accurate!!