Friday, November 14, 2008

Letters to the Editor

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints face the challenge of righting the wrongs of a world gone mad with secularism and hedonism. How do they respond to the onslaught of challenges they face?

Through letters to the editor.

Someone trying to take down a 10 Commandments monument in American Fork, Utah?

Letter to the editor.

Enforcement of BYU grooming standards getting a little lax?

Letter to the editor.

The COMPLETE lack of respect today’s youth has for the way things oughtta be?

Letter to the editor.

Indeed, in the Mormon culture, editors are believed to have nearly magical powers, with their vigorous letter reading ability and willingness to publish the opinion of any individual burning with the fire of righteous indignation. These editors, the guardians of public opinion, are seen as a gateway to converting the world to one’s own strong opinion.

Understand, however, that not every Saint must be a letter writer. Second only to voicing a strong opinion about tattoos, body piercings, or Democrats is reading said opinion. It is generally accepted that the Mormon Letters to the Editor Reader has the ability to influence the state of the world through strong agreement with someone else’s outrage. “I completely agree that kids with sagging pants are eroding our nation’s moral fabric!” In this way, believes the Mormon Letter Reader, the world has become one degree better than it was before.

While traditional print media is still en vogue in the older Mormon set, a new breed of LDS letter reader has sprung up in the form of the “important e-mail forwarder”. This individual will inundate your inbox with a variety of important e-mail forwards from a wide range of conservative blogs or news sources outside the mainstream liberal media. To curry favor with these individuals, one should choose one of the 52 e-mails sent in a week to read and comment on in a face to face situation. A comment such as “I felt that your e-mail forward on how water fluoridation is eroding our children’s ability to choose between right and wrong was quite thought provoking,” will either strengthen an already established relationship, or make a friend for life.

While the letter to the editor is rapidly losing ground to the blogosphere, nothing takes care of a redress of grievances quite like appeal to the all knowing, all wise editor.

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